What is the purpose of a plumbing protection program?

Most individuals wouldn't think about driving thousands of miles without checking on the condition of their vehicles. Checking air pressure in the tires and frequently checking oil and water levels allows one to extend the life of their vehicles.

Unlike a vehicle, a plumbing system within a home doesn't have warning lights to let you know when potential problems are arising. And, unfortunately, the plumbing system in a home is used more than the family vehicle. In fact the plumbing system is the most used system in a home, and it also undergoes the most wear and tear.

We have found most homeowners don't have the technical knowledge to make themselves away of potential plumbing problems. At our customers' request, Able Service designed a program to assist them in reducing the cost of repairs. Many customers have appreciated our plumbing "Universal Protection Program", which has resulted in their avoiding some serious plumbing catastrophes. Remember, one of the major destructive forces to your home is water, second only to fire.

Customers who participate in this peace of mind, "Universal Protection Program", will save money as preferred clients receiving "Value Rate" pricing. This is considerably less than what our non-program clients pay. We will be happy to show you your savings. We can offer you this program because a well maintained plumbing system, like a well maintained car, is less costly to keep in good condition. If problems are noted, we will furnish you a firm price so you know the cost to complete the repair before the work is started.

Able Service has provided outstanding service since 1977, making it our professional responsibility to protect the environment and the health, and welfare and safety of our customers. We are totally committed to all our customers.

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